​Six Tips On How to Dress For Your Baby Shower

​Six Tips On How to Dress For Your Baby Shower

Posted by Naomi Shaw for Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment on 16th Aug 2016

The biggest social day for most mommy-to-be will be her baby shower! Most likely your baby shower will occur during the last trimester of your pregnancy, which means you will have ample opportunity to show off your bump. However, it's not easy to know what to wear that will accentuate your baby bump and of course you! Luckily, you can still look fashionable at your baby shower (and in all the baby shower pictures) just by following some easy maternity fashion tips. 

Show Off Your Bump!

Don't hide your bump from the world. Your baby shower is all about celebrating the baby that you're welcoming into the world. Choose a light dress that flows over your curves and gently highlights your bump, such as a maternity maxi dress. 

To make it more figure-flattering, choose a maternity dress that is ruched which will cinches your waist above your bump, but again avoid anything too tight. For an extra special touch, choose a dress in feminine colors and patterns if you're expecting a girl; and darker colors, such as navy blue, if you're expecting a boy.

Image Credit to STACY MARESCA hhhh

Image Credit to Liz Lynch and Stacy Maresca

Avoid Anything Too Tight

Tight clothing can be really uncomfortable during the last few months of your pregnancy and can even cause problems like heartburn or pain. We recommended that you choose comfortable fabrics that are stretchy, made with breathable cotton, and have elastic waistbands so you can look good and feel great.

Jump into a Jumpsuit

If you're not into the idea of wearing a dress, such as if you want to cover up the varicose veins on your legs, a great alternative to pants is to wear a jumpsuit. This item looks classy and fashionable, while helping you feel comfortable. Choose one in darker colors if your baby shower event is a more formal affair.

Image Credit to Kileen

Bring A Jacket

Your hormones can wreak havoc on your body temperature, causing you to feel hot or cold from one minute to the next, which can be very uncomfortable. A good idea is to bring a jacket that compliments your look like Kileen in the picture above, that you can easily put on or remove, instead of a jersey or polo-neck that will feel too heavy.

Do Not Forget To Accessorize

Accessories can make your baby shower outfit even more stunning and they're an easy way to make it trendy.

Image Credit to The Small Things Blog

Choose gemstones jewelry, such as bracelets, are a great way to make your outfit more colorful and pretty, especially if you’re wearing neutral shades. You can also use them for sentimental reasons, such as by wearing your baby's birthstone. An example is to wear sapphire gems if your baby’s due in September.

Grab a colorful handbag can be a great accessory to keep your look trendy, but it can also be practical for anything you might need, such as kleenex on hand for when you get emotional.

Focus on Your Feet. 

Heels might not always be practical for you, unless they're short and give your foot good support with straps around the ankle. But even if you don't want to wear heels or your feet are swollen, flat shoes and pumps that are pretty can make you look fashionable without much fuss. Just make sure you choose flat sandals with decorative touches, such as color, glitter and beads, to make them more eye-catching.

Final thoughts....Remember, it's your baby shower and you're the star of the show. Follow the above tips to look beautiful and feel comfortable so you can enjoy the special day and make it memorable for all the right reasons.  

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