Borrowing gently used maternity clothes from our closet lets you look and feel fabulous during pregnancy for less than a cup of coffee a day!  When you borrow your maternity wardrobe from our closet you not only get versatility, but you also get gently used designer maternity fashions you want (because you pick 'em) and deserve without spending a fortune.  

Our plan is simple: We allow you to borrow your entire wardrobe (15 gently used maternity pieces) for up to 9 months!  We have plans starting at $150!  We really want you to EMBRACE your maternity wardrobe while pregnant, so we encourage you to join The Clothesline Club and choose any 15 gently used designer maternity wear from our Closet to keep as your own for one to nine months.  At any time, you can swap your gently used maternity pieces for any gently used maternity pieces in our closet.  Also, for a small fee, you can extend your club membership for as long as you need!

We are committed to you looking and feeling fabulous during your pregnancy without you breaking the bank!  Here is how you win:  By joining The Clothesline Club and borrowing 15 gently used designer maternity pieces from our closet could cost you as little as $50 a month! For those same 15 maternity items, the average retail value is about $2300, the average rental cost elsewhere is about $45 per item per month for a total of $675 per month!

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